About Us

shop front-1Books & Books is all about books – and people, both big and small! We are a vibrant, independently owned, community minded book store making a big noise in the market.  We have access to key publishing houses so we’re always up to date with the latest releases and well stocked shelves. Come see for yourself.

Books & Books opened in April 2006 and we’ve never looked back – except to know we did the right thing. All of us at the store are passionate about books! We vary in our favourite genre’s, of course. You’re welcome to quiz us on the books we’ve been reading, we’ll tell you what’s popular and help you choose the perfect book for a gift to that special someone – who may even be you!


Most of our news is about books (obviously!), but we would like to introduce the team of people that keep the pages turning in our quest to be the best bookstore around!


Kash Dass is our Shop Manager & Marketing Liaison. Not only is she a whiz at the day to day running of the store, she has also become the “go-to” person for selections for book clubs and kids books.  Her favourite genre (only if she is pushed to choose one!) is of the action thriller variety – she doesn’t scare easily!

Keegan Webster is our receiving and logistics fundi, and is usually found behind the scenes keeping the wheels turning of our busy book store.  He loves the fantasy genre and can tell you anything about football!

Last, but definitely not least is Janine O’Connor – Books & Books is her brain-child and is the realisation of a dream to open a children’s bookshop. Since she also loves historical fiction, thrillers, and is a sport’s fanatic, she decided to stock adult books too! Janine calls on schools and corporates and over-sees all that goes on in running a busy bookstore!

We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you, please contact us  with your questions, queries and comments. We look forward to helping you with your next purchase!!!