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Michael Marnewick & Books & Books Creative Writing Competition for Kids

THEME: “The cat sat on the mat”

Using one of the earliest simple sentences we were all taught in our first year at school, either write a composition, poem or limerick, using descriptive words to describe the theme. Use your imagination to describe the scene. You may want to explore the cat’s colour, markings, breed, personality, owner and anything else. But, remember, the basic message is that there is a cat that is sitting on the mat.

The entry must be an original work and must be submitted on an official entry form available from your school or Books & Books.

One entry per person only.

Completed entries must then be handed in to your teacher or in-store at Books & Books.

Please remember to include your name, grade, school and parent’s signature of consent and the word count on the entry form. There is no minimum number of words but must not be more than 200 in total.

Competition ends on Friday 5Th September and winners will be announced at 10am at Books & Books on Saturday 17th September. They will be required to take photos with the competition sponsors for media purposes.










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