The Book of Two Ways


Dawn thinks she knows everything there is to know about dying. As a death doula she helps her clients fix what is left undone so they can peacefully make the final transition. But when her plane plummets from the sky and she thinks she is experiencing the last moments of her life, she is shocked to find that she isn’t thinking of her husband or teenage daughter – but of a road she strayed from 15 years earlier. Against all odds, Dawn survives, and the airline gives her a free ticket to wherever she needs to go. She is faced with two possible choices: returning to her husband and a daughter who is struggling with self-image issues; or returning to her studies in Egypt from 15 years earlier, where the man she abandoned is about to make the discovery of a lifetime. As Dawn explores her possible futures, she is finding out what a well-lived life means, what we leave behind of ourselves when we leave the earth, and who she might have been.


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Jodi Picoult


Trade paperback

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