Library Books, Readers, Teachers’ Reference Books and Textbooks

Books & Books supply library books, readers, teachers’ reference books and textbooks to government and independent schools. We also arrange author visits to schools.

Our primary service for schools is selecting books which are appropriate for each school library, so that the library staff save time and effort by only looking at books which are suitable for their library. We do this by selecting the best books from the multitude of new releases each month, and when the books arrive, we carefully curate an appropriate selection of books for each school, dependent on age, gender, language, budget, and other preferences. We then deliver the books to each school, so that the media teachers can select the books which they want without having to leave their libraries.

We have twice toured world renowed picture book author, Niki Daly to primary schools. What a treat for the children that he spoke to, as well as the teachers who were able to meet him! More recently we hosted illustrator Chantal Thorne at local schools. We have also arranged school talks for international authors Chris Bradford, Lewis Pugh, Conn Iggulden, Chris Riddell, local singing superstar PJ Powers and World Surfing Champion, Shaun Tomson.


Does your school library need books?

Contact us if you would like to save time while sourcing the best books for your library!

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